Our teams of specialist in-house utility mapping division at GeoData are skilled at identifying and mapping of underground utilities and infrastructure.

We are equipped with the latest detection technology to locate underground services that can be delivered in a variety of formats in accordance to PAS128 standard.

-Ground Penetrating radar (GPR) with a high density array acquisition

The utility team acquired high density scans using a IDS C-Stream 32 antenna radar with a frequency of 600MHz to ensure that the collection regime ensures full coverage (100mm or closer antenna separation) . The position of the array is continually monitored and recorded using a total station or GPS.

To reach greater depths a Opera Duo (Ground Penetrating Radar) with a frequency of 200MHz is used to allow greater penetration.

-Post Process of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) data is Post processed to enhance the interpretation of raw data and help identify responses indicative of the presence of underground utilities and underground anomalies using GRED HD GPR Post processing software.

- Electro Magnetic Locations (EML)

A full Electromagnetic Location (EML) survey is completed in the area of investigation involving a multi-frequency locator and a signal generator/transmitter together with a sondes tracer cable and induction clamps with the results recorded and then places onto a drawing.

GPR Utility Survey & Mapping
Electromagnetic Location (EML) Surveys
GPR Utility Survey & Mapping
C-Stream IDS Ground Penetrating Radar with an array of 34 antennas in two polarisations