Mallow Sewerage Scheme - Advance Works Contract (Removal of CSOs)

The scope of works involved the completion of a topographical survey in Mallow town and its environs as part of Mallow Sewerage Scheme Advance Works Contract (Removal of CSOs).

The survey area involved 22 hectares, including urban streets, national and regional roads, public parkland and river banks of the Blackwater River.

The vertical control network was determined using a GPS dual receiver relating to Malin Head Datum.

Relative heights between permanent control stations were determined using a double run of levels with a Trimble DiNi 0.3 Digital Level and Invar precision bar code staff with a specified accuracy of 0.3 mm per km (double run levelling).

As part of the contract a full survey of a overflow chamber was required.

Using an inverted tripod together with the remote control for the FARO Focus 3D Laser scanner we were able to survey the chamber with a safe system of work and capture the geometry and condition of the manhole/chamber without the requirement to enter the space.