The scope of the project was to carry out a Topographical Survey and a GPR underground Utility Mapping Survey of 1.8 hectare Pharmaceutical Plant in Athlone.

In the non-invasive mapping and detection of underground utilities on site, a range of technologies were employed.

Such as ground penetrating radar (GPR), Electro-magnetic locating devices in active and passive modes along with signal induction and sonde tracking.

A electronic pulse generator (PWG) was attached to hydrants to allow the location of metallic or non-metal pipes. The pipe section did not need to be shut down during the location process

In addition a full dynamic 3d Revit model of the 55,000 sqft buildings was required including all steel members.

The Laser Scan was carried out using a Trimble TX8 laser scanner with the roof structure surveyed using a rotary drone.

Internal 3D BIM Model of Pharmaceutical plant in Athlone
Click here to View internal 3D BIM model