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Volumetric surveys

Volumetric Surveys

Digital Terrain Models (DTMs) are becoming a larger element of GeoData Surveying’s services, we can generate a DTM for an existing surface model and also produce a proposed Cut or Fill surface model to which volume calculations and sections can be generated,

The applications for volumetric surveys range from calculating the quantity of material to be excavated to be removed off site or the quantity of material required to be imported on to site.

This initial survey acts as a record of the contours on site and can be used at a later date to resolve disputes that may arise by enabling comparisons with subsequent surveys to calculate the material volumes change.

We can calculate the level on site where the volume of cut and fill are neutral, this allows our client to grad the site to a predetermined level safe in the knowledge that no material requires to be importing or exporting from site thus reducing costs.

All surveys are relation to ITM grid and mean sea level Malin head datum and can also be export in 3D or 2D dimensional format.


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