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The EPA Manual 'Single House Treatment Systems', which was published in 2000, and updated to with the EPA Code of Practice in 2009, provides detailed guidance on how sites should be assessed and how systems should be designed so as to improve the level of protection afforded to both the ground water and surface water environment and public health.

Our Engineers are Fetac certified to carry out EPA Site Assessment in accordance with the EPA Code of Practice and are also on the Cork County Council Approved Panel of Site Assessors.

The system of site assessment required under the EPA documents involves several elements:

A desk study which looks at available documented information on a site. This includes information on the soils, geology, location of wells and streams etc.
A visual assessment, which involves looking at the site and its surroundings to gain an indication of how well or poorly drained the site is likely to be and what targets are likely to be at risk in the area (eg. rivers and streams bounding a site, public or private wells in close proximity to the site).

On-site investigations including an assessment of the soil profile up to a depth of 2.1m, or greater in some cases, and percolation tests to confirm the drainage conditions

Recommendations as to the form of wastewater treatment, if any, is best suited to the site conditions.

Assessing sites and designing systems in accordance with the EPA Code of Practice Manual, rather than SR6, involves a much greater investment of time and a greater range of skills and expertise









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