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Commercial or Non Domestic BER certificates

A Building Energy Rating (BER) and advisory report is to be supplied by the owner to a prospective buyer or tenant when constructed, sold or rented. The BER is intended to give prospective buyers and tenants information about the energy performance of buildings. the BER also gives builders/developers and vendors/landlords, an incentive to upgrade the energy performance of the building by giving visible credit to superior standards

Implementation Dates

  • 1 July 2008 - BER of new non-domestic buildings for which planning permission is applied on/after that date.
  • 1 January 2009 - BER of existing buildings, when offered for sale or rent

The BER must be accompanied by an "Advisory Report" setting out recommendations for cost-effective improvements to the energy performance of the building. However there will be no legal obligation on vendors or prospective purchasers to carry out the recommended improvements

The Non Domestic Energy Assessment Procedure (NEAP) is the methodology for demonstrating compliance with specific aspects of Part L of the Building Regulations. NEAP is also used to generate the Building Energy Rating (BER) and advisory report for new and existing non domestic buildings.

NEAP calculates the energy consumption and CO2 emissions associated with a standardised use of a building. The energy consumption is expressed in terms of kilowatt hours per square metre floor area per year (kWh/m2/yr) and the CO emissions expressed in terms of kilograms of CO2 per square metre floor area per year (kg CO2/m2/yr).











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